Mountain Biking near Davos, Switzerland June 2019

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined.

This space is for memories of great food, travel and adventure with friends and share these memories to inspire others.

Who is Wali?

Wali was born in Otago on one of those nights where you cannot explain quite how you achieve such an ingrained nickname! Nicole on the other hand… grew up in a small town Palmerston North, New Zealand with plenty of Swimming, Surf Lifesaving, Football, friends, family camping and fishing holidays to keep a kid out of trouble.

Going to university in Dunedin, Otago (NZ) was where my true adventurous spirit was born. Cultivated and nurtured well by friends around me and fuelled by wanting to get off my bum and have a break from study, I got into trail running, kayaking, road cycling and mountain biking and in 2010 started multi-sport racing.

2012 brought my first major event Coast to Coast where I scrimped, saved, fundraised, begged, borrowed (but stopped short of stealing) and trained my butt off to get a car, mountain bike, kayak and other gear, pay the race entry fee and complete the 2-day event. Coming in at 9th place as a 22 year old in the Open Women category I was stoked.

Since those days I have enjoyed many smaller events mountain biking, rogaining, multisports, trail runs, three half ironman distance events and a couple of marathons. Exciting travel got in the way of any major events but in that time I enjoyed cycle touring as a means of travel through Cyprus, France, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and now Australia.

2019 has brought with it new goals and challenges in Adventure Racing. This is where my need for a blog comes in and I hope to share with you some of my adventures.


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